Cardiff NHS Hack Day 2015

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Team HEW at work. Credit: Paul Clarke.

This weekend I'm building a health data visualisation webapp at the Cardiff NHS hackathon! It was put together with Will Webberley, Martin Chorley, Glyn Mottershead, and a bunch of talented Cardiff Computational Journalism students! The students have also been live blogging throughout the weekend.

Visit the working webapp here. Find the code and data on GitHub.

Coverage elsewhere:

  • Post on the Cardiff Computational Journalism blog.
  • Post by Dyfrig Williams from the Welsh Audit Office's Good Practice Exchange .
  • Photos by Paul ClarkeSat and Sun.
  • Cardiff Computational Journalism live blog.
  • Martin's blog post.

Attending NHS Hack Day Cardiff

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I'll be at this year's NHS Hack Day Cardiff to build something cool with Martin ChorleyWill Webberley, and some Computational Journalism students.

NHS Hack Day Cardiff
Sat 24-25 January 2015
[Website] [Registration]